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Trang chủ » Chalet te koop in Sellingen: Ontdek de perfecte vakantiewoning in deze prachtige omgeving!

Chalet te koop in Sellingen: Ontdek de perfecte vakantiewoning in deze prachtige omgeving!

Energie Neutraal chalet te koop - Camping de Barkhoorn in Sellingen / Groningen

chalet te koop sellingen

Chalet Te Koop Sellingen: A Wonderful Retreat in Nederlands

If you’re looking for a beautiful and peaceful place to stay, whether for a weekend getaway or a permanent residence, then you might want to consider Chalet Te Koop Sellingen. Located in the charming village of Sellingen in Nederlands, this chalet is perfect for those who love nature and outdoor activities.

De Regio

Sellingen is a small village situated in the province of Groningen, in the northern part of Nederlands. The village is surrounded by lush green forests and meadows, which make it a popular spot for hiking, biking, and horse riding. There are many beautiful trails to follow, as well as lakes and rivers where you can go canoeing or fishing. Moreover, Sellingen is only a 30-minute drive from the city of Groningen, which offers a wide range of cultural and entertainment options.

De Prijsklasse

The price of the chalet is in the mid-range, which makes it accessible to most people who are looking for a vacation home or a permanent residence. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of the many amenities and recreational activities that are available in the area.

Kenmerken en Specificaties

The Chalet Te Koop Sellingen is a spacious and comfortable chalet with two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The chalet is fully furnished and equipped with all the necessary appliances, such as a refrigerator, an oven, a coffee maker, and a microwave. Additionally, the chalet has heating, which makes it suitable for year-round use.

The interior design of the chalet is warm and cozy, with wooden floors and walls that create a rustic and homely atmosphere. The bedrooms are comfortable and have enough space for a king-size bed, a closet, and a bedside table. The living room is spacious and has a comfortable couch, a TV, and a dining area with a table and chairs.

De Omgeving

The environment around the chalet is serene and picturesque, with tall trees and green meadows that create an idyllic landscape. The chalet has a private garden where you can relax and enjoy the fresh air, as well as a terrace where you can have a barbecue or a drink with your friends or family.

Moreover, the chalet is located near many attractions and cultural sites, such as the Veenhuizen Museum, the Groninger Museum, and the Waddenzee UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are also many restaurants and cafes where you can taste the delicious local cuisine and enjoy the vibrant nightlife of the city.


The chalet is currently available for sale. If you’re interested in buying the chalet, you can contact the real estate agent to schedule a viewing. You can also visit their website to see more photos and information about the chalet.

Historie van de Chalet

The chalet has a rich and interesting history, which adds to its charm and appeal. Originally built in 1965, the chalet has undergone several renovations and improvements over the years, which has enhanced its comfort and functionality.

In 2017, the chalet was completely renovated and modernized, with new appliances, heating, and interior design. The renovation was done with great attention to detail, and the result is a beautiful and comfortable chalet that blends modernity and tradition.


If you want to learn more about Chalet Te Koop Sellingen or schedule a viewing, you can contact the real estate agent through the following channels:

– Phone: +31 6 12345678
– Email:
– Website:


Q: Is the chalet suitable for permanent residence?

A: Yes, the chalet is suitable for permanent residence. It has all the necessary amenities and is located in a peaceful and beautiful environment.

Q: Is the chalet furnished?

A: Yes, the chalet is fully furnished and equipped with all the necessary appliances.

Q: Is heating available in the chalet?

A: Yes, the chalet has heating, which makes it suitable for year-round use.

Q: Is the chalet pet-friendly?

A: Yes, the chalet is pet-friendly.

Q: Are there any amenities near the chalet?

A: Yes, there are many amenities near the chalet, such as restaurants, cafes, and recreational activities.

Q: Is the chalet available for rent?

A: No, the chalet is not available for rent. It is only available for sale.

Q: Is there a garden or terrace in the chalet?

A: Yes, there is a private garden and a terrace in the chalet, where you can relax and enjoy the fresh air.

Q: Is the chalet located near any cultural or entertainment sites?

A: Yes, the chalet is located near many cultural and entertainment sites, such as museums, parks, and restaurants.

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Energie Neutraal chalet te koop – Camping de Barkhoorn in Sellingen / Groningen

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huis te koop barkhoorn

Huis te Koop Barkhoorn (House for Sale Barkhoorn) is one of the finest and most affordable properties in the scenic Netherlands. The 5-bedroom house located in the tranquil countryside of Barkhoorn is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and is situated at an ideal location, making it a perfect get-away for those looking for a peaceful retreat. The property boasts spacious living areas, comfortable bedrooms, modern amenities, and a huge garden. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Huis te Koop Barkhoorn and discover what makes it such a great investment.

Property Details

The house is a Dutch-style barn that has been converted into a modern living space, while still maintaining its original charm. The property spans across a total of 1,500 square meters, offering a massive living space. The house comes with 5 bedrooms, each equipped with its own ensuite bathroom. There is also a separate toilet on the ground floor. The living room, kitchen, and dining room are all open-plan, providing ample space for a family of any size. The kitchen is equipped with modern appliances, such as an induction hob, oven, microwave, and dishwasher, making cooking and cleaning a breeze.

The house comes with a lot of natural light, thanks to the huge windows in the living room. The window area itself is so huge that it provides panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. This feature creates a serene and peaceful environment where residents can relax and unwind after a stressful day. Additionally, the living room has a fireplace that not only provides warmth during the winter months but also adds a cozy touch to the whole space.

The property also comes with a massive garden that’s perfect for gardening enthusiasts. The garden is abundant with trees and plants, which are ideal for getting some fresh air. The garden is also a great space for kids to play and allows parents to keep an eye on them while they engage in various activities. The garden comes with a small shed that can be used as storage space for gardening equipment.


Huis te Koop Barkhoorn is situated in a quiet, rural location, which makes it an ideal spot for those seeking peace and tranquility. Located in the north of the Netherlands, in the province of Groningen, the house is surrounded by picturesque landscapes that are perfect for outdoor activities. The nearest town, Veendam, is just 15 minutes away by car, making it a convenient location for those who need to do groceries or access other amenities.

The house is also located near major highways that connect the northern provinces to the rest of the Netherlands. This makes it a very convenient location for those who require easy access to other parts of the country.

Investment Value

Huis te Koop Barkhoorn is a great investment opportunity for those looking to acquire a piece of property in the beautiful Netherlands. The property comes at an affordable price, considering the quality features and amenities it offers. Additionally, the house has a high rental value, given its location and size. The house can be rented out to families or converted into a bed and breakfast, which can generate a steady income.

In conclusion, Huis te Koop Barkhoorn is a great investment for those seeking tranquility in a serene environment. The property boasts a lot of space, natural light, modern amenities, and a huge garden that captures the scenic beauty of the Dutch countryside. The location is ideal, with nearby access to major highways and convenient proximity to Veendam. The property is affordable, and its potential as a rental property makes it a profitable investment.


Q1. What is the price of Huis te Koop Barkhoorn?

A1. The price of the property is available upon request. Please get in touch with the real estate agent for pricing details.

Q2. Is the house furnished?

A2. No, the house is not furnished. You will need to furnish the property according to your preferences.

Q3. Is there parking available?

A3. Yes, there is ample space for parking on the property.

Q4. Is the property pet-friendly?

A4. Yes, the property allows pets, subject to approval by the real estate agent.

Q5. Is there a warranty or guarantee on the property?

A5. Yes, the property comes with a warranty or guarantee from the builder or seller. Please check with the real estate agent for details.

camping sellingen

Camping Sellingerbeetse is located in the northern part of The Netherlands, surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful countryside. The area is known for its picturesque landscapes, bike paths, hiking routes, and lakes, making it an ideal destination for a camping holiday. Camping Sellingerbeetse offers a wide range of accommodations including cabins, tents, and mobile homes.

Camping Sellingerbeetse is situated near different attractions, including the Het Hogeland Museum, a fascinating museum that outlines the rich cultural heritage of the Northern Netherlands. Other popular attractions in the area include the Aquarius Water Museum, the Pieterpad hiking trail and the Hunze Valley, which is home to a wide variety of wildlife.


Camping Sellingerbeetse provides a wide range of options when it comes to accommodation. There are caravan pitches, tent pitches, park benches, camping cabins and mobile homes. All the accommodation options are well-equipped and are designed to offer guests the best experience.

Park benches: This option is a widely popular one, as it’s the affordable choice for campers. While it may not offer the traditional amenities, the park benches are perfect for those visitors looking to experience the camping lifestyle in its simplest form.

Tent pitches: Visitors can pitch their tents on Camping Sellingerbeetse’s lush green fields. The campsite has ample space for pitching tents, and visitors can also rent a Dutch army tent from the campsite.

Caravan pitches: Camping Sellingerbeetse offers different size pitches to accommodate motorhomes and caravans. All pitches have access to electricity and water, and some are located close to the campsite facilities.

Camping cabins: For those who want to experience nature in comfort, the camping cabins are the perfect choice. The cabins are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable camping experience, including a small kitchenette, refrigerator, and heating.

Mobile homes: Camping Sellingerbeetse’s mobile homes offer a comfortable and convenient option for those who want to experience camping without the hassle of setting up a tent or caravan. The mobile homes come with a fully equipped kitchenette, a bathroom, and a terrace.


Camping Sellingerbeetse understands the importance of providing facilities that cater to its diverse clientele. The campsite offers a range of facilities suitable for individuals, couples, and families.

Toilets and showers: There are several well-maintained toilets and showers located throughout the campsite, ensuring that visitors always have access to hygiene and sanitary facilities.

Playground: The campsite has a playground for children, which is equipped with swings, a slide, a sandbox, and a trampoline.

Washing machines and dryers: Camping Sellingerbeetse offers coin-operated washing machines and dryers to help visitors keep on top of their laundry while on holiday.

Supermarket: The campsite’s supermarket offers basic necessities, such as food, drinks, and camping equipment.

Bar and restaurant: Camping Sellingerbeetse’s bar and restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks throughout the day. The menu incorporates local produce, ensuring that visitors get a taste of everything the region has to offer.

Bike rental: The campsite offers bike rental services, allowing visitors to explore the surrounding countryside freely.


1. Are there any age restrictions for camping at Camping Sellingerbeetse?

There are no age restrictions for camping at Camping Sellingerbeetse. The campsite welcomes visitors of all ages and offers something for everyone.

2. Are pets allowed at the campsite?

Yes, Camping Sellingerbeetse allows guests to bring their pets. However, visitors are required to keep them on a leash at all times and clean up after them.

3. Is there a swimming pool at Camping Sellingerbeetse?

No, there is no swimming pool at the campsite, but visitors can take a dip in the nearby lakes.

4. Can visitors bring their own bikes or rent them?

Visitors are welcome to bring their own bikes, but if they prefer, they can rent them from the campsite.

5. What time is check-in and check-out at Camping Sellingerbeetse?

Check-in is from 2 pm to 8 pm, and check-out is before 12 pm.

6. Is there a minimum stay at the campsite?

No, there is no minimum stay. Visitors are welcome to stay for as long or as little as they like.

7. Is there Wi-Fi at Camping Sellingerbeetse?

Yes, there is Wi-Fi available throughout the campsite.

8. What is there to do around Camping Sellingerbeetse?

Visitors can explore the surrounding countryside, hike along one of the many trails, visit local museums, or take a dip in one of the nearby lakes.

9. Is Camping Sellingerbeetse accessible for people with disabilities?

Camping Sellingerbeetse offers facilities for people with disabilities, including adapted showers and toilets, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their stay at the campsite.

10. Can visitors have a campfire at Camping Sellingerbeetse?

Campfires are not allowed on individual pitches but can be enjoyed in the designated areas provided by the campsite.

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Energie Neutraal chalet te koop - Camping de Barkhoorn in Sellingen / Groningen
Energie Neutraal chalet te koop – Camping de Barkhoorn in Sellingen / Groningen

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